Frequently Asked Questions

What are HinduLit™'s privacy policy and data retention practices?

Please refer to our official Privacy Policy.

Simply put, we at HinduLit™, don't collect any data other than what you provide by submitting a form (such as a contact form or comment form). We use an e-mail provider, so if you contact us via the contact form, the information you provide will be sent across the public e-mail system just like all other e-mails.

If you choose to leave a comment on our site, they are moderated. We manually review them and approve them for posting. Any unapproved comments older than 30 days are deleted from our servers.

Does HinduLit™ use cookies?

No, our site does not use cookies.

Is HinduLit™ available on podcast apps?

Yes. Our podcast is available on Google, Apple, and many other podcast apps. If you find one that doesn't have it, let us know by sending us a message through the contact form.

How do I contact you?

Please use our contact form. You can contact us this way to provide feedback or request information. Inquiries regarding security research, DMCA, sales, partnerships, or requests for deletion of private data can also go through this form.

I am a security researcher. How do I contact you?

This site follows the recommendations of RFC 8615 for security researchers. You can also use the contact form.

Your Contact Form seems to be broken. I can't contact you.

Your main method or means to contact us for any reason, should be the contact form. However, sometimes, we make mistakes and a programming bug could cause the contact form to fail. In such an event, please send us a direct/private message using any of our social media channels. Once we fix this bug, you will be able to contact us.

You have a mistake on your site (error, copyright, attribution, context, etc.).

We take great pains to provide entertaining and educational content, and we use references & resources in a way that is aimed a meeting academic standard. However, we are not flawless. Our opinions are our own, however, incorrect statements should be corrected. If we have errors on our sites, whether typos, incorrect pronounciation of names, etc., please let us know, and we will review and correct them.

All of the work on this site and published by HinduLit™ is our original work. We do use reference sources under the fair use policy. We also use content that is available and allowed under creative commons or similar such licenses. If we have used any creative work without the proper attribution, please let us know. We will correct it within a week. If you believe you own copyright to some content on our site and that we are using it without your permission, and NOT under fair use policy, please reach out to us via contact form with the subject "Copyright Infringement". We will respond typically within 72 hours.

Where is your attribution page?

Right here.